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The name Alluvia

Physical soil sampling proved that the soil deposits on the farm are quite unique due to a fertile alluvial deposit on the amphitheatre-shaped estate. This tiny, thin-layered fertile deposit, combined with the mayor underlying soil structure of Granite in the mountains and Table Mountain Sandstone, culminated in soils of exceptional quality.  In recognition of this natural process, the name of the estate was changed to Alluvia as this phenomenon shared some parallels with the crafting of great red wines – allowing nature to take its course and patience.

Careful consideration was put into the decision to specialize in one single variety. Meticulous planning, complimented by the character of the terrior, led Brugman to belief that they could produce The King of the Nobles – Cabernet Sauvignon – of world-class standards.  Alluvia’s objective is to create a small luxury brand which would be regarded in the world as something exclusive yet special. They are committed to remain focused on one varietal in small quantities.

The Alluvia Brand was developed with by the former MD of international brand architects, Kay Nash of Enterprise IG, currently Yellowood. The brand drivers are elegant, exclusive and unique. “A brand is a promise – a successful brand is a promise kept.” The brand driver we born, elegant, exclusive and unique.